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Understanding the Functional Aspects of Water Chiller!

While sizing a water chiller for your application, you need to entertain a few factors. First, let us understand the functioning of a chiller. A chiller is basically a compressor based cooling system which appears quite similar to an air conditioner except a different functioning. It is used for cooling as well as controlling the temperature of a liquid rather than air. The chiller will ensure to provide a stable flow, temperature and pressure once it has been set on a program as per the specific needs of a user.

The Emerging Application Areas
Chiller is also known as Chilled water cooling systems. It has become a preferred choice for various institutions where commercial conditioning repair is required. Schools and hospitals form good examples of the same. To understand chiller better, we can say that it is a compressor based cooling system which is similar to an air conditioner but it cools liquid and not air. Big commercial buildings which need a substantial amount of cooling use water chillers because of its cost effective feature. There is a decreased hazard now by not having refrigerant pipes surrounding the building. Harmful particles are tried keeping out of the system by using an internal strainer.

Advantages of Installing a Chiller
Air cooled chillers can be installed in open areas like parking space, roofs or even at the ground level areas. It will have all the benefits of a low installation cost as well as maintenance. They can also do this without using a plant room, condenser pumps or a cooling tower. The benefits are no heat buildup in a room and further it requires no need for ventilation. Noise level is largely decreased since it boasts of no fan operation feature.

Functioning of a Chiller
Both chillers as well as a cooling tower are used for the purpose of removing heat from a liquid, which acts as a coolant in huge devices like power stations. A cooling tower further throws away heat from the water which is now discharged using a condenser. This discharged water again goes for recycling back into the plant which is to be used for cooling the system again. Chillers absorb heat even from a coolant, which is totally contained in a cooling system. The chiller further transfers heat to the air which is around the chiller unit. Though chillers as well as cooling towers operate same, they may vary depending on their types and the components used. Water cooled screw chiller is a popular type used for commercial requirements. Other factors include the nature of the equipment which they are going to cool and power.

Thus, we can say that a chiller is an efficient machine that discards heat from a liquid by way of a vapor-compression. It can be understood as an absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can then further be circulated using a heat exchanger to cool equipment which may lead to another process stream like air or even process water. Refrigeration also creates waste heat which must be exhausted to ambient or recovered for heating purpose for great efficiency. The industrial chiller is known as a cooling system which is used for removing heat from one element that is water and then transfers it to another ambient that can be water or air.

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