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Our company offers a high quality and efficient Refrigeration Plant that meets your demands. These plants use gas, liquid, and mechanical energy to move heat from one place to another. A liquid, such as ammonia, which has a low boiling temperature, is allowed to pass into a space via tubing. In an ammonia-based refrigeration, the pressure in the ammonia drops, the liquid begins to boil, and enters a phase change from liquid to gas. In the Ammonia Refrigeration Plant, there is a great absorption of heat energy by the liquid in the tubing to create this phase change. The heat energy is absorbed from the space, and as the liquid boils off, it forms a gas. The gas is pulled through the tubing in the space into a suction header outside the space to the suction of a compressor. The compressor repressurises the gas, and discharges the liquid through cold water heat exchangers or cooling fans, exhausting the heat absorbed from the space, into the outside atmosphere. By pressurizing and cooling the gas, the gas returns to a liquid stage, where it is stored and reintroduced to the space to be cooled. We are one of the leading Refrigeration plant manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Cooling Systems which include Industrial Water Chiller, Air Cooling Systems, Water Cooling Systems and Brine Chilling Plant. Build your Freon Refrigeration Plant through our products.

Why are Refrigeration Plants a necessity?

Refrigeration plants are crucial for the proper operation of the refrigerator since food has to be kept chilled. Due to the low temperature, the food keeps its freshness for a longer period of time. Refrigeration's primary goal is to lessen the activity of bacteria, which are found in all food and contribute to food degradation. For instance, milk left on the kitchen counter for a few hours at room temperature may get contaminated by germs. If the temperature is decreased, the milk will remain fresh for one or two weeks. When the refrigerator is cold, the activity of germs is considerably reduced. To prevent harmful bacteria from growing and keep the milk fresh for several months, the milk can be frozen. Keeping milk chilled is what Dairy Refrigeration Plants do.

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