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Understanding the Functional Aspects of Glycol Chillers!
A glycol system works in an excellent way when you wish to have a reliable temperature control over storage temperature. A properly set up glycol system enables you to control fermentation vessels, cellar and storage tanks with a single machine.

Glycol Chiller System
A glycol chiller is the heart of a glycol system. It is a refrigeration system which is used for cooling a tub or bath of an antifreeze. This liquid is pumped through a looped circuit of tubing which is linked to the input and output of the glycol chiller. It is your cooling line. For every utensil, you want to be cooled like the heat exchanger to the inlet and outlet legs of the cooling line. Once it is connected, now glycol will move through the heat-exchanger and cool the vessel.

Controlling the Flow
Glycol is chilled under the freezing point of water which makes it effective for cooling. To maintain a temperature higher than freezing, you require adjusting the flow rate of the glycol by using a heat exchanger. It can be done manually as well as automatically.
You can do this manually by inserting a shut-off valve and opening or closing as it requires, you can regulate the temperature of the liquid. However, you need to monitor it consistently to make it work.
You can do this automatically by using a temperature controlled solenoid valve. It is the most preferred way to effectively control the temperature. You need to connect the temperature controlled solenoid valve into the tubing leading and then to the heat-exchanger. After that, you need to place the temperature probe into the liquid. You can program the temperature you would like to cool down the wine to be at. Solenoid valve automatically gets opened and closed and retain the set temperature.

Using Water in Glycol System
Using water is not recommended in the glycol chiller systems. systems. Most wineries use glycol at approximately 33% solution in water. Because of few benefits, the glycol has over using pure water.
Glycol is antifreeze and hence, it can be cooled below freezing temperature without icing up the insides of the chiller. Glycol also acts as lubrication for the pump. It also holds temperature better than water in the long tubing runs. Some units may heat.
With certain Glycol Chillers, the glycol chiller systems might also encompass a heater for heating the glycol rather than cooling. It can be nice in cold weather areas or in fermentation.

Choosing the Cooling Equipment for Your Application
Count on Airtech Cool where application specialists will help you understand your process and get you the top-notch Glycol Chillers. Airtech Cool is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a variety of chillers to suit your application needs. It enables you to find the right glycol chiller to cater to your specific needs. You can reduce investment and ongoing energy costs.
There are few important factors to consider when finding a brewery chiller for a winery or distillery. However, you can consider choosing a chiller which has a high fluid flow that promotes maximum heat transfer for enhanced product cooling.

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